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Field studies 2020: the Sanavayamsky Field Party

Field studies on Sheet O-57-XVIII (Kamchatka Region) were performed by the Sanavayamsky Field Party of FGBU VSEGEI from July 6 to September 1, 2020. The total duration of the work was 1.8 months, of which 41 days in the field.

Location of the work area (Sheet O-57-XVIII) and the transportation route of the Sanavayamsky Field Party

Members of the Field Party: S.V. Aksenov, head of the party; T.S. Zhirnova, chief geologist; I.N. Malykh, principal geologist; E.P. Isaeva, principal geologist; K.A. Lobachev, A.V. Maltseva, geological technicians; M.K. Atamanov, P.I. Veselovsky, route workers.

Sanavayamsky Field Party

In early July, an air flight from St. Petersburg to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky took place. The cargo was transported to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky by the OOO RossTransTrade transport company. The personnel were transported from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Kozyrevsk (to the helipad) by the motor transport of the OOO Optimus. Air transportation (helicopter) from Kozyrevsk to the field work area and back was performed by the Vityaz-AERO airline company.
Field studies were implemented in two detailed sites via walking routes without the use of ground transport vehicles.

The following types of work were conducted in the sites:
- geological routes at a scale of 1:100,000;
- reconnaissance exploration at a scale of 1:50,000;
- routes aimed at the study and description of lithological and stratigraphic sections;
- special-purpose investigation for studying metasomatite.

Route survey

As a result of the work performed, the relationship between the Krapivinsky sequence and the Hailyulegorsky Fm. was studied; two new zones of stockwork quartz veinlets were identified and sampled; propylitized siltstone at the contact with the dacite stock of the Veemgetversky Complex, to which the point of copper mineralization, identified previously, was confined, was studied and sampled; sulfidization zones in the siltstone of the Krapivinsky sequence and a zone of sulfidized (pyrite) secondary quartzite localized in argillized subvolcanic dacite of the Veemgetversky Complex were identified and sampled; local sections of the Krapivinsky sequence, the Hailyulegorsky Fm. (lower subformation) and the Veemgetversky Complex cover formations were compiled; samples were taken for GC-specialization as well as grab samples and other types of samples stipulated in the Geological Task.

Khailyulinsky stratovolcano

The total length of the route studies was 180 km. The length of the walking routes was 360 km. More than 1500 samples were taken for various types of analyses.
The samples have been given for analyzing to the laboratories of the SVPGO Kamchatka Group of Parties and FGBU VSEGEI.

Metasomatite in siltstone of the Krapivinsky sequence at the contact with the subvolcanic body of dacite of the Veemgetversky volcanic complex

The set of studies in the area of Sheet O-57-XVIII significantly changed and enriched with actual material previous ideas about geology and mineral potential of the studied area. Metallogenic zoning of the area was carried out based on the combination of direct prospecting indicators and metallogenic factors favorable for the location of minerals. Main prospects for the development of the region have been outlined and the assessment of its resource potential for gold and silver has been given.


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