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Ministry of Natural Resources
and Ecology
of the Russian Federation


Federal Agency
of Mineral Resources


Russian Geological Research Institute FGUP VSEGEI invites everyone to participate in field work in 2015 on a commercial basis. The Institute arranges transportation to the field work area, food, accommodation in a tent camp, preparation of a guidebook with route plan, ensuring security; foreign nationals are provided with an English-speaking accompanying person.

Experts in geological and related disciplines, ecologists, soil scientists, biologists, archaeologists and others are welcomed.

Information about the field works of FGUP VSEGEI planned in 2015.

FGUP VSEGEI has extensive background in the field work throughout Russia, experience in international expeditions, as well as scientific and technical base.

Links to the previous trip in 2014: Taymir geological parties group; Khantaisko-Rybninskaya geological field party; Kuonamskaya geological field party.

Contact e-mail for interested parties:

For more information call +7(812) 328-92-72; +7(921) 943-99-62
Fax +7(812) 321-30-23

tel +7 812 321-5706, e-mail: