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International project «Atlas of geological maps of Northern, Central and Eastern Asia and adjacent areas»



International project "Atlas of Geological Maps of Northern, Central and Eastern Asia and Adjacent Areas" is aimed at creating a modern integrated geological basis for Northern, Central, and Eastern Asia in the form of an Atlas of geological maps at 1: 2.5 M scale, with databases and explanatory notes. Works under this joint project have been carried out since 2002 by the geological surveys of five countries: Russia, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and the Republic of Korea. The study involved representatives from the National Academies of Sciences, higher education institutions, commissions and subcommissions for the Geological Map of the World under the auspices of UNESCO.

The first stage of this international cooperation started from 2002 was named the "Atlas of geological maps of Central Asia and adjacent areas at 1: 2.5 M scale".  These efforts resulted in linking of geological maps for border areas of the CIS countries and compilation of seven maps at 1: 2.5 M scale, including geological, tectonic, metallogenic and energy resources maps. In August 2008, the project was completed by presentation at the 33rd International Geological Congress in Oslo of four maps from the Atlas: geological, tectonic, metallogenic, and map of energy resources.


The second stage of the project titled "3D Geological Structures and Metallogeny of Northern, Central and Eastern Asia" started in 2008. Mapped area was extended to the north and north-east of Russia (to the border of the shelf) and to the southern half of China to cover the Meso-Cenozoic ore-bearing volcanic-plutonic belts of the Pacific active continental margin. Draft

In 2012, the Atlas of geological maps was shown at the 34th IGC in Brisbane in Australia (fig. 4). It included the geological, tectonic, metallogenic maps, and map of energy resources.

Geological map of the Atlas (coordinator – China) allowed generalization and integration of recent cartographic materials in border areas of Russia and adjacent states as well as preparation in a generalized from of the geological map for a huge territory of Central Asia in a unified legend based on the international geological time scale.
Tectonic map (coordinator – Russia) was compiled by the specialists of Russian Academy of Sciences and leading experts from different geological institutions. The map shows large structures composed of consolidated crust of six age stages. Indicator structural-material rock complexes characterizing different geodynamic settings are reflected.
Metallogenic map of the Atlas is a unique summary of data on the ore content in Central Asia. Tectonic map of Central Asia is used as a basis; it is supplemented with structural material and metallogenic characteristics of tectonic units.

Map of energy resources of the Atlas contains information on distribution of coal- and oil-and-gas bearing sedimentary basins, large and unique deposits and local areas of coal- and oil-and-gas accumulation in the project territory, reflecting geodynamic types of productive sedimentary basins. The map is accompanied by a database made using modern GIS technologies.





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